Endoscopic Coupler Repairs

Endoscopic Coupler Repair

If your coupler has any of these issues you should send it to LSVR today

  • The coupler is not easy to screw onto the camera head
  • The endoclamp is not moving freely while attaching a scope
  • Missing or loose components
  • Off-center visibility of the video image
  • Loose or debonding optical surfaces
  • Fluid invasion in the lens assembly
  • Damaged threads

On Couplers with Zoom and Focus rings

  • The zoom adjustment ring and the focus adjustment ring are frozen in place or skip when rotated

*Some autoclavable couplers are not able to be completely rebuilt if they have internal lens issues

We repair the following Couplers:

Standard Couplers: All Models
Focus/Zooom Couplers: All Models
Beamsplitters: All Models
Autoclavable Couplers: All Models


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