Frequesntly Asked Questions


I heard (insert company name here) owns LSVR?

LSVR has been independently owned and operated since 1994.

What is your warranty period?

LSVR’s repairs are conditionally warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from the date of completion.

What types of equipment do we repair?

LSVR can service a wide variety of non-invasive medical equipment. This includes the majority of makes and models of endoscopy systems including cameras, couplers, processors, light sources, printers, pigtail adaptors and image storage systems.

What savings can you expect from choosing LSVR over the OEM?

In most cases, LSVR’s repair costs are approximately half of what the OEM charges.

When will I receive my quote?

Damaged equipment sent to our facility will be evaluated and quoted the same day it is received. The quote with the cost of the repair is then sent to your provided email with the fault and a description of the repair work required. Your approval allows us to begin work and return your repaired equipment back to you, your hospital or surgery center.

Are there any reasons I would not receive my quote the same day?

There are some occasions when a fault can be intermittent or not initially found. We will ask for further information and/or continue to test. There can also be a delay in quoting depending on what time during the day your selected shipping company delivers your equipment.

What if we do not approve the repair quote?

If you decline the repair, you need only pay the shipping cost to return the equipment to you, your hospital or surgery center


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